point arena high school students put their best work on display

AP students art show at point arena market highlights talent and passion

Point Arena Arts Sign

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On a recent Tuesday afternoon, I was winding up some chores that included a writing break and indulging in a cup of coffee at the Arena Market. I spotted a table through the front window where I could witness this quiet city version of hustle bustle.

arena market outside

As I made my way in, taped to the window was a poster announcing the current art show. To my surprise, on display, was a body of work by the students in the Point Arena AP Art Class.”

window sign PA AP art

As an art enthusiast I need little reason to be distracted by an art show especially in the world of emerging artists, new work and young artists just beginning their career. Watching the evolution of these passionate workers is part of the excitement in the art world.


wall install back
wall installation

While they are students, I call them artists. The artist’s represented in this show transformed the front part of the market into a gallery with compelling work, color and subject matter that flowed organically.

art install 3 PA AP art
wall installation

While subject, style and choice of materials varied, it was evident that each piece spoke to messages and inspirations personal to the artist. The voices of the artist were unique making it an easy assumption to make that their education was tailored to maximize individual potential and not variations of one size-fits-all assignments.

faye ritchie
faye ritchie

I had an opportunity to speak with one of the artists who said that what she continues to push is how to manage the part of her work which is very intricate. How to make it finer without compromise and be repetitive in her own style. She felt a sense of personalized education in her class experience.

The works in the show spanned detail from abstract, figurative and illustration.

willa caudry. elephant and flowers. PA AP art
willa caudrey

There was outstanding rendering in illustration.

elise allen PA AP art
elise allen

Across the work, color was meticulously used and well thought out providing  balance and visual impact.

Examples of artist expression were throughout the show creating a viewer experience that was personal. One theme that I felt across the show was an impressive craft of creating emotional resonance created from two dimensional canvas. The depth and embellishment of simplicity in the work were evident.

madi chidlaw.boy PA AP art
madi chidlaw
lauren curlee.woman PA AP Arts
lauren curlee

In this corner of our remote mendonoma coast this group of enthusiastic and dedicated young artists are focused and hungry to learn their own potential. Their imagination, craft and execution of their unique voice on canvas was stellar.  They are passionate, driven and most of all talented with a common goal of being the best artist they can be.

This group represented twelve artists. While the show closed May 31 at Arena Market, remember these names that were once listed together with a portfolio of  work on the walls in the front of the Arena Market!


Lauren Curlee, Natasha Higuera, Salamadi Tishma, Elise Allen, Kaed Sanders, Chloe Diggens, Violette DeGarmo, Chunn Carillo, Sebastian Reaves, Willa Caudrey, Faye Ritchie, Madi Chidlaw.  

Curated by Whitney Badgett.

While the artwork was not for sale at the market, this was posted for further information:

Intrested in purchasing PA AP arts

*Update:  On Tuesday morning, June 7th, Point Arena high school students staged a protest for the dismissal of members of the teaching staff including AP art teacher, Whitney Badgett. Badgett curated the art show at Arena market which ran from May 1-31. A “pick” highlighting the artists and their work, the subject of this feature  was near completion prior to the current events and keeps with the “local picks” component of mark’s column.  This serves as a note to acknowledge the news at the high school.  
Note: A replay of the  eyewitness coverage of the June 7th student walkout can be heard here walkout can be heard here   It is also posted on local facebook pages.

Stay tuned to KGUA, 88.3 for updates on local news. Show your support for community radio at http://www.kgua.org


One thought on “point arena high school students put their best work on display

  1. Thank you for this wonderful post. I am a concerned citizen outraged by the dismissal of this teacher. She is an extremely talented artist as well and obviously is able to impart her love of creating and technique expertise to this talented group of students. I am sadden by this decision and would like the school board to reevaluate this wrongful termination. No just cause has been explained. We cannot dismiss educators when they exercise their freedom of speech, even the children recognize this.


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